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Vanilla chiffon with a layer of homemade custard pudding and layer of fresh cream with syrup nata de coco, pineapple, papaya and cherries. 

*Consists of gelatine

Processing Days:
  • Size: 500g : 1days
  • Size: 1kg : 2days
  • Size: 1.5kg : 2days
  • Size: 2kg : 1days
RM56.00 - RM194.00
Light and aromatic taro chiffon cake layered with taro cream and soft milk pudding. Made with pure 100% fresh taro pulp.

Processing Days:
  • Size: 500g : 1days
  • Size: 1kg : 2days
  • Size: 1.5kg : 2days
RM53.00 - RM136.50
A layer of chocolate cake sandwiched between to layers of pure egg yolk flavours cakes spread with peanut butter jam in between. Inspired Indonesia kuih lapis!
RM3.50 - RM12.50
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