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Brand Philosophy


Quality is extremely important to us.

Despite the wide usage of machinery in the industry, more than half of our productions are still handmade, to maintain the taste and texture. Every day before dawn, TA Bakery’s pastry chefs are busy pressing the croissant dough into respective mould by hand. Meanwhile, at the baking department, the chef monitors the oven closely and ensures the doughs are baked thoroughly under balanced heat. A lot of these flavours are your not-so-common flavours that we know a large population of people here will accept.

Our cake & desserts, all the way down to our packaging, are carefully thought out and meticulously crafted to reflect who we are as a brand and we want to make you memorable - both in taste and appearance.

365 days freshly baked daily.

The bread & cake must be eaten fresh in order to taste the original taste of each piece. We uses natural and fresh ingredients of high quality, like flour, butter, eggs and others in its production. Every step is made with skill and traditional techniques, including the natural fermentation process.
Our Team

We take honesty very seriously and emphasize quality. We are constantly learning and improving, delighting your senses and leaving you with beautiful memories. We are proud of our team and excited to work on something meaningful together. We have many milestones that we want to reach and achieve, and we want to share these experiences with you.
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